Acal BFi’s Paul Winkler M.Sc. to present at the 7th International Conference on System Modelling and Optimization

Acal BFi's Paul Winkler presentation at ICSMO 2019Inductor Design Engineer, Paul Winkler M.Sc. leads research and development projects at Acal BFi’s CSfMC, including the simulation of inductive components. He will be presenting his paper “Direct modelling of Inductor Saturation Behaviour in a SPICE-like Transient Analysis” at the 7th International Conference on System Modeling and Optimization (ICSMO) held in Rome, from the 16th to 19th February 2019.

“Direct modelling of Inductor Saturation behaviour in a SPICE-like Transient Analysis”

Inductance behaviour is strongly affected when high amounts of current saturate a material. The impact of this change varies between materials, however, using a constant value to simulate the inductance will provide inaccurate results. Paul Winkler’s presentation will demonstrate how this changing value can be explained and applied mathematically to give a more accurate simulation.

In this presentation, he will:

  • Explain how the saturation behaviour of an inductor can be directly inserted as a software function into the mathematical description of a circuit and included in a SPICE-like numerical simulation
  • Demonstrate the strength of the method on the example of a boost converter
  • Show the impact of considering saturation, in comparison to the results from a simulation which does not consider saturation effects

To hear Paul Winkler’s presentation, you will need to attend the ICSMO 2019 conference. You can find full details of the event and register here via the link below:


ICSMO 2019 provides researchers, engineers, academics and industry professionals with a platform to present their research results and develop their activities in System Modeling and Optimization, focusing on numerical simulation methods and related topics.

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