Acal BFi in new pan-European partnership with Advanced Energy

Acal BFi in new strategic pan-European partnership with Advanced EnergyAcal BFi have further enhanced their power portfolio to include high-voltage solutions in a new strategic partnership with Advanced Energy. The new agreement between the two technology leaders provides customers across Europe with access to Advanced Energy's (AE) full portfolio – including the high-voltage UltraVolt and HiTek Power product lines – with direct customer technical support from our expert engineers.

AE and Acal BFi sought to partner following their successful partnerships with Excelsys and Trek, which were both recently acquired by AE. The extended agreement provides customers with immediate access to all current and future product lines and brands in the newly extended group.

Access to wide range of products from UltraVolt and HiTek Power

The vast portfolio features 55 separate platforms and 1,500 standard, modified and custom high-voltage solutions. AE's UltraVolt and HiTek Power product lines are inherently flexible, with thousands of variations covering an exceptionally wide operating range of input/outputs from 100V to 500kV and 1W to 100kW. AE's solutions are proven to be highly reliable and deliver excellent power quality, with more than 450 applications in more than 80 markets worldwide currently using an AE high-voltage solution.

Access to technical, design and integration support from Acal BFi

By joining the Acal BFi power portfolio, more European customers can now benefit from AE's leading solutions with the direct technical, design and integration support of Acal BFi experts. With in-house capabilities to modify, customise and configure power supplies, solutions can be tailored to exact customer requirements, while also opening up the technology to more applications than ever before.

Robert Rohde, Business Development Director at Acal BFi  

Robert Rohde, Business Development Director of Power and Magnetics, Acal BFi, commented: “We are delighted to extend our partnership with Advanced Energy, and add their high-voltage solutions to our portfolio.
Acal BFi now support all power requirements across the entire power output range, from very low to very high voltages, with the same high levels of direct customer support, from technical guidance to full integration, as we provide for all technologies in our comprehensive portfolio.”

Greg Provenzano, Senior Vice President at Advanced Energy  

Greg Provenzano, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Advanced Energy, commented: “Acal BFi provide support with every aspect of design, from specification to integration. In addition, the company has strong supply chain capabilities and a pan-European footprint. Together we can offer differentiated power solutions and local support for the EMEA customer base. We are excited about the expanded relationship and look forward to working with new customers and the applications this partnership will deliver.”

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