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Blink - Hi-Speed Laser Sersors

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High-speed laser power and energy measurement

Laser Point are a state-of-the-art manufacturer of high-speed laser measurement devices, accurately measuring all lasers from UV to the far Infrared, in any application within the industrial, medical or scientific fields.

Acal BFi partner with LaserPoint to offer power and energy measurement with market-leading accuracy and visibility. LaserPoints cutting-edge detectors are designed to integrate into a broad family of precise and sophisticated monitors and electronics.


Thermal sensors

LaserPoint's cutting edge range of thermal sensors provide fast- accurate laser power detection and measurement. Their devices have been designed to meet the demanding needs of applications including, controlling laser stability in manufacturing processes, to improve product quality, and monitoring medical machines to improved patient protection.

For low-power lasers

For low power lasers
  • Models up to 40W for scientific lasers
  • Sensitive thermopile sensors for power detection down to 10µW and energy to 2 mJ
  • Broadband and high-resistant coatings to 28KW/cm2
  • Energy measurement up to 40J
  • EMI rejection
  • NIST and PTB (Phisikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt)

For medium power lasers

For medium power lasers
  • Air cooled models to 600W for continuous use and 800W for intermittent
  • Energy measurement up to 600J
  • High resistant coatings: up to 12KW/cm2
  • Energy damage threshold up to 250J/cm
  • EMI rejection
  • NIST and PTB traceability

For high power lasers

For high power lasers
  • Water cooled heads up 6KW for continuous use and 9KW for intermittent
  • High resistant coating up to 6KW/cm2 at the maximum rated power
  • Energy damage threshold up to 250J/cm2
  • EMI rejection
  • NIST and PTB traceable calibrations

For pulsed-lasers

For pulsed lasers
  • High damage thresholds volume absorbers:
    • peak powers to 100GW/cm2
    • energy densities to 4J/cm2 @ nsec pulses
  • Large area and single shot energy measurement
  • NIST and PTB traceable calibrations

For high-energy density lasers

For hight-energy density lasers
  • Designed for high energy density, high peak power lasers
  • Avr. power and single shot energy measurement
  • Beam expander associated with high damage absorbers:
    • avg. power density to 100GW/cm2
    • peak power density to 30GW/cm2
    • energy density to 30J/cm2
  • Energy measurement up to 10J with nsec pulses
  • NIST and PTB traceable calibrations

Thermal sensors meters

LaserPoint offers both handheld, portable and PC integrated options to measure, analyse and record power and energy from any of their detectors. These devices are all supported by their easy to use Galileo software so you can start measurement within a few moments. LaserPoint’s meters and measurement software provide easy to use, accurate results.

PLUS 2: handheld-touchscreen meter

PLUS 2: handheld-touchscreen meter
  • Detectors: thermal power and energy heads/OEM laser proves
  • Data display: 4.3" TFT LCD touch screen display
  • Outputs: 0.2V analogue out with 16bit resolutions/ USB
  • Data storage: data logging to USB memory stick
  • Wavelength selection: 1nm Lambda selection
  • Min/max full scales: 10µW-10KW/1mJ-1500J
  • Dimensions: 170x100x36mm

PC-Link USB interface

PLUS 2: handheld-touchscreen meter
  • Detectors: thermal power and energy heads/OEM laser proves
  • Data display: PC and laptop screens
  • Output: USB
  • Process alarms: on PC-link-SOFT screen
  • Wavelength selection: Y (up to 6 pre-set wavelengths)
  • Min/max full scales: 10µW-10KW/1mJ-300J
  • Dimensions: 113x56x35mm

Laser power probes

Many applications do not require the tight specifications of power meters. In many cases, all you need is a snapshot of the current thermal readings, just to monitor if power is within an acceptable range, without looking at the trends over an extended period of time. These results can be provided by a class of instruments known as laser probes or power probes.

LaserPoint offers a breakthrough series of fully automatic laser power probes that calculate laser power by a microprocessor-based measurement of temperature dynamics. Their measurement and acquisition technique self-determines the time needed to carry out a measurement to remove induced errors, due to measurements of exposure times, and their probes enable multiple measurements without the need of forced cooling to the absorber.

Cronos - automatic, high-power

Cronos - automatic, high-power
  • Power range: 30W to 10KW
  • Useful aperture: 40/55/65mm
  • Spectral range: 0.19 - 11µm
  • Cooling: convection
  • Dual wavelengths
  • Stand-alone, portable unit

Fit - automatic, low-power

Fit - automatic, low-power
  • Power range: 0.5-500W
  • Useful aperture: 20/25mm
  • Spectral range: 0.19 - 11µm
  • Cooling: convection
  • Dual wavelengths
  • Stand-alone, portable unit

Fit-IPL - for intense pulsed light

Fit-IPL - for intense pulsed light
  • Power range: 1-100W
  • Useful aperture: 20x60mm
  • Spectral range: 0.4 - 2.1µm
  • Cooling: convection
  • Energy range: 3.5-350J

Custom services

Combining our technical partner's high-quality light measurement products with our own in-house expertise developed over 30 years, means we have the technology and design experience needed to help customers meet every application.

Cusromer Services

Blink - LaserPoint launches new high-speed laser sensors

Learn more about LaserPoint's new high-speed laser sensor Blink is a new generation of technology that enables to reach unprecedented lower response times compared to traditional thermopile detectors.

  • 50 times faster than equivalent thermopile sensors: natural response time down to 50msec (0-90%)
  • Power density capability: 1.5KW
  • Active area: 15x15mm
  • Wavelength range: measures from UV to IR