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AMOGREENTECH - leading the 4th industrial revolution with nano-material technology

AMO Greentech

AMOGREENTECH are a global leader in innovative nano-material technology for cutting-edge Automotive, IoT, Environmental, Energy and Bio-medical applications. They create and focus on improving the quality of their materials to enable customers to stay at the leading edge and stay competitive in high tech industries.

AMO Greentech

Acal BFi has partnered with AMOGREENTECH to offer customers across Europe their range of amorphous and nanocrystalline powder cores, which are designed to meet the high-power and high-frequency needs of new technologies and applications.


Amorphous alloy (APH™) - 60, 90μ permeability

The APH-series of cores has excellent DC Bias and a high saturation magnetic flux density value (1.56Tesla), enabling up to 50% reduction in volume, for typical applications, compared more materials such as ferrite, sendust, iron powder and silicon steel.

AMOGREENTECH™s Amorphous alloy powder cores have low losses, because the crystal magnetic grain structure does not anisotropy, improving the consistency of the material properties within the core material.

  • Composition: Fr-Si-B
  • Permeability: 60, 90μ
  • Magnetic flux density: 1.5T
  • Curie Temperature: ≈ 395°
Linear arrays

Nanocrystalline alloy (APM™) - 26, 60, 90, 125μ permeability

AMOGREENTECH™s Nanocrystalline alloy powder core range provides high-quality and high-efficiency power, with some of the lowest core loss in the market.

Their APM series is ideal for high power and frequency applications because they have zero magnetostriction, generating no audible noise, and good temperature stability in the operation, with a high Curie temperature of up to 570°C.

  • Composition: Fr-Si-B-Nb-Cu
  • Permeability: 26~125μ
  • Magnetic flux density: 1.2T
  • Curie Temperature: ≈ 570°C
Linear arrays

Custom magnetic cores

At Acal BFi we offer custom services from design to production of magnetic components to meet your bespoke specifications.

Predator II

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