Flexible, configurable, programmable – the Sierra Wireless FX30 is the IoT gateway of the future

Flexible, configurable, programmable – the Sierra Wireless FX30 is the IoT gateway of the futureAcal BFi are pleased to announce the addition of the ultra-flexible Sierra Wireless FX30 programmable IoT gateway to their comprehensive IoT and Wireless communications portfolio. The FX30 is the first of the next generation of ruggedised, programmable and expandable embedded wireless gateways, and is now commercially available to European customers from Acal BFi.

The FX30 is ideally suited for both regional and global deployments, providing cellular connectivity, global banding combinations and numerous certifications, all in the same small, rugged industrial form factor. It can remotely monitor and manage hundreds of thousands of machines. Worldwide end-to-end security is implemented in every component of the system and, with expandable interfaces, the FX30 can connect and integrate with new, existing and legacy systems.

Thanks to the secure Linux-based Legato operating system embedded in the module, the Sierra Wireless FX30 IoT gateway can be integrated and operate in customer designs without the need for external systems and processors. Customers will now be able to process data in real time at the edge of the network, with the FX30 generating intelligence and alerts to the cloud or customer’s data centre.

Used in various applications

The FX30 gateway is designed to suit a variety of customers and applications, with a rugged form factor, industrial grade architecture and strong aluminium construction. The gateway is proven to maintain continuous, full speed operation in harsh environments, from -30°C to 75°C (from 20°C to 60°C in 95% relative humidity). Built to MIL-STD-810 G specification, it is vibration and shock resistant, and can operate from 4.75 – 32VDC.

And with various technologies

The FX30 is available with a comprehensive set of interfaces as standard, including Ethernet and serial connectors, with the expansion card slot allowing it to be further enhanced with current and future technologies. This expansion slot will future proof the FX30, allowing it to be combined with the growing wireless ecosystem, including WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, CAN, USB, Modbus, dust and thread.

Working with Acal BFi

With an existing portfolio of IoT technologies and facilities to customise, manufacture and install components, Acal BFi are uniquely positioned to embed these technologies as part of the production process, delivering a true plug-and-play solution to the market and allowing the FX30 to integrate seamlessly into customer designs.

We will directly support customers integrating this first-of-a-kind technology into their systems and designs and will further support customers without embedded processing experience, offering programming assistance with the open-source operating system from their dedicated IoT Competence Centre. We can also configure and customise the FX30 to perfectly suit customer designs and applications, enabling instant integration and deployment.

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