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Trek Model 20/20C-HS

Trek Inc – high-voltage and electrostatic equipment

Since 1968 Trek have designed and manufactured high-voltage amplifiers and electrostatic measurement instruments for high-performance applications.

Trek are commited to developing highly accurate, stable electrostatic measurement technology. Through their continuing investment in the advancement of these core technologies, Trek were able to release the world's first all-solid-state, high voltage (20kV), high-speed, DC-stable amplifier in 2015.

High-voltage amplifiers

We offer an extensive line of high-voltage amplifiers with a choice of voltage and current ranges to accommodate a variety of demanding applications and drive piezoelectric loads.

Trek's high-voltage amplifiers are protected against output short circuits and over voltages, with many models including an automatic crossover compliance limit or current trip feature for protective shut-down. The range provides reliable, robust performance in piezoelectric, electro-optic, MEMS and many other applications.

Amplifiers <5kV specifications

Amplifiers ≥5kV specifications

Contacting voltmeters
Contacting voltmeter

Trek's Infinitron® line offers a breakthrough in the world of electrostatic voltmeters. Their ultra-high-impedance-contacting voltmeters make it possible to do highly accurate contacting measurements with virtually no charge transfer, giving excellect spatial resolution to allow tests on very small surfaces/IC leads.

Their technology is designed not to compromise the electrical condition of the surface being measured, while providing unparalleled result consistency.

Contacting voltmeters specifications

Non-contacting voltmeters
Non-contacting voltmeter

Trek's non-contacting voltmeters provide high-accuracy measurements that are virtually insensitive to variations in probe-to-surface distances, and prevent arc-over between the probe and measured surface.

Their range is ideal for applications where surface contact must be avoided, to protect delicate surfaces or for measuring larger areas.

Non-contacting voltmeters specifications

Electrostatic voltmeters for electrostatic discharge (ESD)
Electrostatic voltmeters for electrostatic discharge (ESD)

Some of Trek's electrostatic voltmeters are designed with portable, hand-held, multi-channel or other features, for ease of use in ESD-sensitive environments.

Handheld specifications

Desktop specifications

Charged plate monitors
Charged plate monitors

Trek's exceptional charge plate monitor design uses ultra-high impedance, high-voltage follower technology to monitor the ion collecting plate voltage.

Their range provides extremely high accuracy and virtually infinite impedance loading of the plate for ioniser testing, ioniser maintenance and other ESD applications.

Charged plate monitors specifications

Surface and volume resistance meters
Surface and volumne resistance meters

Trek's surface and volume resistance meters have been developed to precisely measure surface or volume resistance on a wide variety of conductive, dissipative and insulative materials. They feature exceptional measurement accuracy and wide measurement ranges.

Surface and volume resistance meters specifications

Electrostatic chuck supplies and optimisers
Electrostatic chuck supplies and optimisers

Trek's electrostatic chuck supplies are used to apply AC and DC voltages to the electrode(s) of coloumbic or Johnsen-Rahbek electrostatic chucks. They are ideal for applications such as the precise manipulation and clamping of semiconductor wafers or flat panel displays during device processing and handling operations. Their range of chuck supplies includes unique capabilities such as customisable AC waveforms (for faster declamping) and an easy-to-use wafer detection system.

Trek also offer fully integrated electrostatic chuck optimisers, which are precision diagnostic tools designed to work in tandem with their chuck supplies to enable exploration of waveforms.

Electrostatic chuck supplies specifications

Trek's only authorised repair and calibration center in Europe

Acal BFi | Trek repair centre

Acal BFi are experienced in the supply and service of complex measurement equipment. We provide a comprehensive and efficient calibration and repair service to ensure customers can have absolute confidence in their TREK devices and the results they provide.

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