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RSG – power-supply solutions from 0.25W to 25kW

RSG Electronic Components GmbH was founded 1988 in Germany, and became part of the discoverIE Group in 2013.

  • From low to high power – from a 0.25W board-mounted DC/DC-converter to fully custom-designed, high-performance, three-phase AC/DC supplies
  • Wide range of sectors – medical, railway, military, aerospace, industrial and renewable energy
  • Compliant with relevant standards – REACH, RoHS, CE, UL, VDE, DIN/EN/ISO
  • Proven expertise – with 30 years of expertise and know-how in developing power supplies, RSG are your trusted partner when it comes to supplying power to your device

PCB-mounted DC/DC converters from 0.25 to 60W in all footprints for THT and SMT

Acal BFi's comprehensive power portfolio has broadened even further with the addition of RSG's R-Series.

  • Packages – SIL3-SIL8, DIL8-DIL24 and 1x1-2x1 inch
  • Mounting technology – through-hole (THT) and surface-mount (SMT)
  • Output variants – single, dual-bipolar, dual-separate, dual-split and triple
  • Load regulation – unregulated, semi-regulated, regulated
  • Isolation – 1-6kVDC and non-isolated (point-of-load)
  • Protections – under voltage, over voltage, over current, over load, over temperature, short circuit
RSG R-Series logo

RS series

RS series



RD series



RT series

SMT-8, SMT-10, SMT-14, SMT-16



RR series



RV series

1x1, 1.6x1, 2x1 inches


RSVR series

RSVR series

SIP3, SMT-10
0.5-2.0A (PoL)



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