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OAKSUM - AC/DC and AC/AC power conversion for EV and battery charging

The OAKSUM range are market leading AC/DC and AC/AC power conversion products for EV and battery charging. The range was created by Myrra, a discoverIE Group plc company, utilising their deep history of quality and innovative product manufacture to create EV charging products with high technical performance at very competitive costs.

The range includes AC/DC converters up to 30KW, suitable for multiple connection to total powers in excess of 250KW, Bidirectional power converters (suitable for V2G) and a complete range of smart and affordable AC/AC EV Charging modules. OAKSUM products are fully supported by their global engineering team, to ensure customers projects provide the correct technical solution within a fast development cycle.

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OAKSUM's high efficiency, power dense converters are specifically designed for fast AC/DC charging including: E-Bus and Service vehicle operators, EV manufacturing lines, EV workshops, EV Fleet Operators.

With both mono and bi directional options available, this range is extremely flexible providing up to 3x32A output current and 22kW of power.

  • Wide output voltage ranges
  • Mono and bi directional options available
  • Power converters can be connected in parallel to create high total power systems
  • High efficiency >= 95%
  • Compact design
  • High power density
  • Power factor >= 0.99
  • Input/output low and over voltage protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection
  • Supports CAN and RS-485 bus communication
  • Rack-mountable
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The OAKSUM smart AC-AC EV chargers were designed for maximum charging performance combined with high energy efficiency. The IP65 casing gives a robust and compact weather-proof construction, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

These smart EV chargers also include the capability for various authorization methods such as RFID, wireless communication and key switches.

  • Power ratings from 3.6KW up to 22KW
  • Charging speeds up to 8x faster than standard charging models
  • System payment integration
  • Customised solutions
  • Safety standards compliance
  • Weather proof construction
  • Simple installation
  • Low maintenance
  • 3 year warranty
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Customised converters and chargers for EV

Acal BFi work in partnership with OAKSUM to customise and manufacture converters and chargers for EV. Together we have the in-depth experience and a wide variety of services to help with the process of finding the right power supply for your specific requirements.

OAKSUM also offers a range of options to brand and customise the products look and feel, including a choice of case colour, customers logo and branding.

Customised converters and chargers for EV