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Magnetics Inc

Magnetics – 60 years of expertise in research magnetic materials

Magnetics are a world-leading supplier of precision soft magnetic materials and components to the electronics industry. They supply the highest performance materials in the industry including MPP, High Flux, Kool Mµ® MAX, Kool Mµ®, XFlux®, ferrites and tape wound cores. Their products set the standard for providing consistent and reliable electrical properties for a comprehensive range of core shapes and geometries.

Magnetics have expertise in developing innovative solutions for your application. Their Application Engineers are a resource for technical knowledge and innovative thinking that can shorten your design cycle, move through prototype testing and deliver high-quality products that fit your specialised needs.

Molypermalloy powder (MPP)

Magnetics' molypermalloy powder (MPP) cores are distributed air gap toroidal cores made from an 81% nickel, 17% iron and 2% molybdenum alloy powder for the lowest core losses of any powder core material. MPP cores exhibit soft saturation, which is a significant design advantage. Also the MPP saturation curve does not need to be de-rated with increasing device temperature.

MPP cores possess many outstanding magnetic characteristics, such as high resistivity, low hysteresis and eddy current losses, excellent inductance stability after high DC magnetisation or under high DC bias conditions, and minimal inductance shift under high AC excitation. Magnetics offer the widest choice of permeability values.

Key features

  • Soft saturation
  • Lowest lossy material
  • High temperature stability
  • Available permeabilities from 14µ to 550µ
  • Operations up to 2MHz with flat 60µ


High-flux powder cores

Magnetics' high-flux powder cores are distributed air gap toroidal cores made from a 50% nickel and 50% iron alloy powder for the highest biasing capability of any powder core material. High-flux cores allow superior performance in certain applications involving high power, high DC bias, or high AC excitation amplitude.

High flux often allows the designer to reduce the size of an inductive component compared with MPP, powdered iron or ferrite. This excellent material offers moderate core losses, very good temperature stability and the typical soft saturation of powder cores.

Key features

  • High DC bias due to high saturation flux density 1.5T
  • High Curie temperature of 500°C
  • Six available permeabilities from 19µ to 160µ
  • 60µ material flat till 1MHz
  • Moderate core losses


Kool Mµ® MAX powder cores

Kool Mµ® MAX is a supercharged version of the low core loss Kool Mµ material, retaining all of the benefits of Kool Mµ but bringing superior performance, closer to that of Magnetics' premium material, High Flux, at a lower cost.

An evolution of the Kool Mµ material, MAX offers 50% better DC bias performance for enhanced power handling with proven stability and reliability. It also has lower losses than Kool Mµ, while operating temperature range, Curie temperature and saturation flux density (1.0 Tesla) all remain consistent to the material on which it is based.

Key features

  • 50% better DC bias performance than Kool Mµ
  • Soft saturation
  • Super-low losses
  • No fringing losses
  • Operating temperature range -55°C to 200°C
  • Curie temperature 500°C
  • Available in 19µ, 26µ, 40µ and 60µ permeabilities
  • Premium material performance without the premium price


Kool Mµ® powder cores

Magnetics' Kool Mµ® powder cores are distributed air gap cores made from a ferrous alloy powder for low losses at elevated frequencies. The near zero magnetostriction alloy makes Kool Mµ ideal for eliminating audible noise coming from inductors. Kool Mµ core losses are significantly low, resulting in low temperature rises. They also generally offer a reduction in core size.

Kool Mµ is available in a variety of core types, for maximum flexibility. Toroids offer compact size and self-shielding. E cores U cores and Blocks offer a lower cost of winding, use of foil inductors and ease of assembling. Very large cores and structures are available to support very high-current applications. These include toroids up to 165 mm, jumbo E cores, U cores, stacked shapes and blocks.

Key features

  • Soft saturation
  • Low core losses
  • No fringing losses
  • Low cost material
  • Available permeabilities from 14µ to 125µ
  • Wide variety of shapes


XFlux® distributed air gap cores

Magnetics XFlux® distributed air gap cores are made from 6.5% silicon iron powder. XFlux offers lower losses than powdered iron cores and superior DC bias performance. The soft saturation of XFlux material offers an advantage over ferrite cores. XFlux cores are ideal for low and medium frequency chokes where inductance at peak load is critical.

XFlux material has been designed to bring similar performances of High Flux at a lower cost. It is available in E cores, EQ cores, blocks and toroids, up to 167mm (outside diameter), in a wide range of permeabilities: 19µ, 26µ, 40µ 60µ, 70µ and 90µ.

Key features

  • Soft saturation
  • High saturation flux density
  • Low relative cost
  • For low- and medium-frequency applications
  • Available in a wide range of toroids and shapes


75-series distributed air gap cores

The brand new 75-series distributed air gap cores are made of a iron alloy powder not containing nickel. 75 material achieve better DC Bias performance than Kool Mµ® while maintaining lower core losses than XFlux®.

The relatively high saturation flux density (1.5T) of 75-series cores makes them a low-cost solution in applications where stable inductance under load is necessary, such as inverters for renewable energy sources and uninterruptable power supplies (UPS). 75 material cores can offer a lower-cost alternative to high-flux cores and offer a substantial improvement in core loss and DC bias performance when compared with iron powder.

Key features

  • Cost-efficient material for high-current applications
  • Permeability stable at peak load
  • 60µ flat till 500KHz
  • Moderate core losses


The Magnetics Inductor Design tool and quick start guide

The Magnetics' Inductor Design tool assists design engineers in selecting the optimum powder core
(MPP, High Flux, Kool Mµ®, Kool Mµ MAX, XFlux® and 75-Series) for inductor applications, specifically switch-mode power supply (SMPS) output filters, also known as DC Inductors. This tool is free to download and uses a design algorithm intended to specify the smallest design package size for the given input parameters (currents, inductance values, frequency, etc).

Please ensure you check back regularly and download the latest version, available below.

Magnetics Inductor Design Tool

A complete range of materials

Additionally to their broad portfolio of advanced powder cores, Magnetics offer cores in two other materials.

MnZn ferrites

Magnetics offer MnZn ferrite materials for a broad range of applications, such as common mode chokes, EMI filters, current sensors, handheld devices, spike suppression and gate drive transformers. With consistent properties, both electrical and dimensional, ferrites from Magnetics demonstrate the reliability that is critical in high performance applications.

Magnetics ferrite cores are available in a variety of shapes and sizes: E, I, U, Planar E/I and pot cores, RM, RS (round-slab), DS (double-slab), PQ, EP and toroids, as well as custom shapes.

MnZn ferrites

Tape wound cores

Magnetics develop and manufacture tape wound cores which are made of high permeability alloys of nickel-iron or grain oriented silicon-iron and then annealed at 800°C to 1200°C in a hydrogen atmosphere. Orthonol®, Square Permalloy 80, Supermalloy, Alloy 48, Magnesil®, and Round Permalloy 80 are produced in gauges from 0.013 mm to 0.104 mm.

The cores are available with outside diameters ranging from 11.13 mm to 76.2 mm and come either uncased, in non-metallic or aluminum cases and encapsulated.

Magnetics Tape wound cores

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