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High-permeability, nanocrystalline iron alloy common mode chokes

Magnetec® are a market leading manufacturer of iron and nanocrystalline alloy, tape wound cores. The high-permeability of Magnetec’s iron and nanocrystalline alloy, NANOPERM®, cores means that a reduced amount of copper wire is needed, thus reducing copper losses and component size.

Acal BFi has chosen to partner with Magnetec to extend our range of common mode chokes (CMC), offering customers across Europe access to CMC’s with a unique combination of high-permeability and low-losses at high-frequencies. The ideal solution for applications which need high-performance in a limited space.


Common mode chokes with NANOPERM cores

Magnetec’s common mode chokes offer a unique combination of high-permeability and low-losses at high frequencies from their proprietary iron and nanocrystalline alloy material, NANOPERM. Their single and multiple phase chokes are based on toroidal tape wound cores, which, combined with Magnetec’s high-permeability nanocrystalline soft magnetic material provide high-attenuation levels in small sizes

  • Size reduction of 60%, compared to ferrites
  • Standard tolerance of the nominal inductance: +50%/-30%
  • Designed to meet EN60938-1 for 230V and 500/600V mains voltage

Magnetec offer a comprehensive selection with both 2-fold and 3-fold common mode chokes.


Customised windings, coatings and material processes

We can offer many possibilities for customisation of nanocrystalline common mode chokes without significant tooling costs. Including:

  • Winding location
  • Widing quantity and volumes
  • Applying specific material processes to the adjust magnetic properties of a core
  • Coatings
  • Geometries

Custom magnetic components

At Acal BFi we offer custom services from design to production of magnetic components to meet your bespoke specifications.