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Micrometals – Global leader in iron powder cores

Micrometals, established in 1951, are committed to supplying high-quality iron powder cores that meet the needs of the electronics industry. Micrometals are an engineering-driven organisation, offering powder core solutions with the widest catalogue selection of materials, sizes and shapes, as well as the ability to quickly provide customised materials to suit specific application requirements. In addition to the standard core catalogue items, Micrometals are experienced in producing custom shapes and sizes.

Key benefits of iron powder as a core material

  • Custom and proprietary tooling are relatively inexpensive
  • Special prototypes can be machined from blocks of material for preliminary evaluation
  • Cores can be manufactured in a variety of heights from any of the materials shown without additional tooling charges 


Iron powders’ distributed-air-gap properties makes this material particularly well suited to energy storage inductor projects and military, aerospace and motor applications. Micrometals’ materials offer low -current losses, good inductance stability and high permeability.

For power-conversion applications

Fabric-over-foam gaskets from MTC

Micrometals’ PC series are used as a core material in power conversion circuits. Its stability, frequency response and high power-handling capabilities make it ideal for use in power conversion applications. Iron powder is a cost-effective design alternative to alloy powder core materials. It can also can be used in place of ferrite and iron-alloy laminations requiring a gap.


RF applications


Iron powder has been used as a core material in RF circuits for many years. It is typically used to produce high Q inductors from 50KHz to 500MHz and broadband transformers above 50MHz. It is the preferred core material due to its stability, high Q, frequency response and power-handling capabilities.


For high-temperature applications

200C series

The 200C series™ of materials is specifically designed for severer environment applications where cores are exposed to or generate elevated temperatures. These cost-competitive cores materials are not subject to thermal aging for operating temperatures up to 200°C.


Shapes – if you can imagine it, we can create it

Apart from the standard shapes (toroid and E-core), Micrometals have a vast experience and capability to design and produce all kinds of custom shapes, including:

  • High efficiency up to 93% at full rated load current
  • Delivers up to 1400W of output power (1800W transient)
  • Low leakage - IEC60601-1:2014 (4th Edition) compliant
  • Type B, BF, CF and defibrillator-proof variants available
  • Optional triple output available
Micrometals shapes


Micrometals have in-house die, tool and press design/manufacturing, and can develop unique tools and presses, allowing us to offer tailored sizes – from super small to extremely large. We can also adjust the (magnetic) core properties by varying the pressure and/or direction of pressure.


  • Toroids - OD from 1.2-400mm
  • E-cores - “A” Din. from 5-305mm
  • Pot - OD from 8-200mm
Micrometals sizes

Largest iron powder core stock in Europe

Acal BFi are home to the largest Micrometals stock outside of Asia, at our European warehouse. We offer fast turnaround and delivery of samples, for testing and evaluation of materials and standard cores.

Customised services and bespoke solutions

Reduction in inventory and working capital by:

  • managing dedicated customer inventory, and
  • linking sales and purchase transactions, ensuring the overall supply chain and protecting custom defined forward commitments

Strategic inventory profiling including:

  • safety and buffer stock
  • automated replenishment ensuring improved cycle times
  • ability to provide samples for prototype and pre-production builds, and
  • customised reporting and solutions

Continuous proactive inventory management ensuring:

  • immediate customer response, and
  • protection of long-term commitments and secured supply
Largest iron powder core stock in Europe

Custom magnetic cores

At Acal BFi we offer custom services from design to production of magnetic components to meet your bespoke specifications.

Custom cores

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