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CNI – Mid- and high-power lasers for scientific and OEM applications

Since 1996 CNI have been manufacturing high-performance and quality lasers and optics, specifically designed for OEM, scientific and industrial applications.

CNI are dedicated to continually evolving their knowledge, and as a result offer a portfolio of mid- and high-power diode pumped solid state (DPSS), diode fibre and multi-wavelength lasers which are cost effective, flexible and provide consistently excellent performance. Customised designs are also available on request.

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CNI offer high-performance DPSS lasers which provide consistent results for spectrum analysis, interference, measurement, holography, laser printing, chip inspection, collimation, laser medical treatment, scientific experiment and other applications.

Their DPSS lasers feature good sealing and high output power stability, operating at a wide range of temperatures and under a pressure of 0.02kPa.

  • Wavelength range 473-1064nm
  • Output power ranges 1mW-1500mW
  • High stability
  • Ultra-narrow linewidth
  • Low noise

Fibre laser series

Fibre laser series

CNI offer customisable, high-power fibre lasers. Their compact modular design is ideal for OEM systems integration and use in communication, radar, medical treatments, optical instrument, interference, holography, spectrum analysis, pump source, measurement and other applications.

Their fibre lasers offer flexibility and are easy to modulate.

  • Wavelength range 266-1550nm
  • Output power ranges 1mW-5000mW
  • Pulsed mode up to 1MHz modulation and pulse duration variation

Diode laser

Diode laser

CNI’s highly reliable diode lasers are housed in compact packages, ideal for design in and being integrated into OEM instrumentation and systems.

Their diode laser range offers high stability, narrow linewidth and easy operation as standard.

  • Wavelength range 375-940nm
  • Output power ranges 1mW-200mW
  • Narrow linewidth
  • Long coherent length

Multi-wavelength lasers

Multi-wavelength lasers

CNI’s high-power, multi-wavelength laser systems can combine 2-4 wavelengths into one box for medical, biomedical and industrial applications.

Their wavelength combiners are available for UV-, visible- and IR-range lasers. Additional wavelength customisation is available on request.

  • Wavelength range 375-1064nm
  • Output power ranges customised on request
  • USB or RS232 connectors available


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