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Bright Solutions

Air-cooled, sub-nanosecond, DPSS lasers from Bright Solutions

Bright Solutions are a specialist provider of diode-pumped-solid-state (DPSS) lasers with pulse width ranges from just 0.4ns to 80ns. They are designed for processing a wide range of materials, including hard and delicate materials that are easily affected by thermal stresses.

Through their extensive experience producing DPSS lasers for airborne applications, Bright Solutions have developed a considerable range of compact, reliable and accurate laser models.

Bright Solutions

Sub-nanosecond pulse, air-cooled DPSS lasers

Bright Solutions Wedge

Wedge lasers feature high-pulse energy with peak power up to 4MW, short pulses with a width from 0.4ns to 3ns, are air cooled and are compact. Designed to work in highly demanding applications, these compact sealed DPSS lasers are insensitive to vibrations and harsh environments.

The range provides consistent results for micro-machining of glass and hard materials, speciality marking, thin-film removal, flat display processing (OLED), LIDAR, non-linear spectroscopy, harmonic and parametric generation.

  • Up to 4mJ pulse energy
  • 4MW peak power
  • 500ps to 3ns pulse width
  • Single shot to 100kHz
  • Monolithic design
  • Air cooling
  • Low heat waste
  • @266nm, @355nm, @532nm and @1064nm

Nanosecond pulse, air-cooled DPSS lasers

Bright Solutions Onda

Onda lasers can work from single shot to 50kHz or up to 100kHz with a pulse-width between 2 and 10ns, and share the same mechanical footprint and electronic interface as the Sol platform. Compact, sealed and insensitive to environmental factors, these DPSS units are easy to use and deliver consistent performance.

The range is designed for high-end applications requiring both excellent beam quality, low thermal transfer and high peak power in order to process metals, glass, plastics, delicate and hard materials.

  • Up to 0.8mJ pulse energy
  • 2 to 10ns pulse-width
  • Single shot to 100kHz
  • MOPA configurations
  • Monolithic design
  • Air cooling
  • Low heat waste

High-energy, air-cooled DPSS lasers

Bright Solutions Sol

Sol lasers are the most compact Q-switched DPSS lasers available on the market in the power range from 6 to 40W @1064nm. Featuring high-pulse energy with peak power up to 300kW, these DPSS lasers are air cooled and compact, ideal for the most demanding industrial, medical and scientific applications.

The range provides high peak power and excellent beam quality for material processing, marking, scribing, thin-film removal, micro-machining, non-linear optics, medical and aesthetic, and other applications.

  • 300kW peak power
  • Compact air cooled single unit
  • Up to 200kHz repetition rate
  • Electronic pulse energy modulation
  • Sealed and rugged
  • Monolithic design
  • 24Vdc
  • Up to 40W @1064
  • Up to 10W @532

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