Femtosecond Laser Mirror, 820nm, Ultra-broadband, High damage threshold, 45°

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Fabricant Acal BFI - Custom Optics

Acal BFi - Optics

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The MLD and MMLD mirrors series have been developed for the most challenging ultrafast laser developments, tested and qualified by well known research institutes. These ultra-broadband mirrors offer a unique combination of ultrabroad bandwidth, very high damage threshold from femtosecond to nanosecond regime and low GDD across the entire bandwidth. All parameters have been fully tested and the surface quality is guaranteed after coating. While the most common optics are flat mirrors from 1 inch to 4 inches, components are available up to 40 inches on request and/or with non flat surfaces, including 90° off-axis parabola which are ideal for compressors. Those coating are available for both the Ti:Sa users (around 820 nm or so) and the users of broadband 1 micron lasers.

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  • Central Wavelength: 820 nm (others on request, broadband ultrafast 1 micron optics also available)
  • Angle of incidence: 45° or (0° also available)
  • Diameter: 1, 2 and 4 inches (up to 40 inches diameter and spherical/aspherical optics also available)
  • Laser Induced Damage Threshold : > 8-9 J/cm² @ 150 ps / > 2 J/cm² @ 40 fs / > 0.6 J/cm² @ 11 fs
  • Benefits

  • > 200 nm bandwidth
  • Very high damage threshold
  • Low GDD across the complete range
  • Surface quality given after coating
  • Optimised for both S and P polarisation

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