Controlling and understanding light

Controlling and understanding lightWe are dependent on light to see; however, we cannot accurately measure the core elements of light with just our eyes. The intensity of the light source (candela), how much light is given off (lumens), what colour the light is (colour temperature) and other outputs have a big impact on how we perceive what is around us. For example, changing these elements can make a space feel larger or smaller, warmer or cooler, and accurate measurement can be hugely beneficial to your application.

Whether you need to find the right balance between energy use and lumens for cost-effective lighting or are using light in a retail store to create the right atmosphere, accurate measurement and assessment of light is essential.

Should you use an external or in-house light measurement solution?

Testing a light is normally done in one of two ways, either through an external company or using a light-measurement device in-house. External light testing can potentially add many weeks to the design cycle process – a prototype needs to be shipped to a testing company, they take time to test it and then they have to ship it back. After each development cycle the process is repeated to see if the light balance is going in the right direction, adding weeks each time. Time and budgetary constraints often restrict the amount of tests a designer can do, reducing the quality of the end product, ending up with results that are good enough rather than those with the best results.

The alternative is having your own in-house, light-measurement solution. This may have a higher up-front cost; however, it can offer results in seconds without additional charges. In-house, light-measurement solutions can reduce outside lab-testing costs, increase the quality of the end product and increase reliability through additional testing as you refine a design and speed up product-development timescales.

Viso Systems offer light-measurement solutions which meet the highest standards of quality

We work with Viso Systems to provide the industry's fastest light-measurement technology, designed to give engineers the capabilities to test light in-house without even needing a dark room. Viso's innovative light-measurement solutions offer a complete photometric characterisation of luminaire in 30 seconds.

Viso's solutions are designed to be easy to use and intuitive, optimising and streamlining product-development cycles. Each system complies with the high standards of quality, meeting the international measurement standard CIE-S025, and is rigorously tested and certified before the products are delivered.

Together, Acal BFi and Viso offer rapid, accurate and portable light-measurement solutions to increase product quality and reliability, reduce external lab testing costs and speed up product development timescales.

Externally verified accurate light measurement from Viso Systems

Viso's LightSpion has been tested at the Danish university for photonics (DTU). Senior scientist Carsten Dam-Hansen tested a series of LED light bulbs at their laboratory with the LightSpion and other solutions to see the difference in the measurement results.

The tests showed that the LightSpion measurement method is an accurate way of measuring light sources, with a very small deviation of just 2.18%, compared with the other systems' results.


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