120 W LED-Netzteil

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Hersteller Excelsys Technologies

Excelsys Technologies

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The LXC120 series of constant current LED power supplies from Excelsys Technologies can deliver up to 120W of output power in an extremely compact package size.

The LXC120 series of constant current power supplies provides up to 4900mA of output current and 343V output voltage solutions for specific LED requirements. With industry leading efficiencies, and an extensive protection feature set, the LXC120 series provides high reliability and high performance in a compact package.

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  • High Efficiency (up to 92%)
  • Constant Output Current
  • Active PFC (Typical 0.99)
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • OVP, SCP
  • -35 to 70°C deg operation
  • Universal Input 90-305VAC
  • UL8750 compliant
  • EN61347-1, -2-13 compliant
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Topologie Constant Current  

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Ausgangsspannung (V) 17 to 28  
Ausgangsstrom (A) 4.2  
Max. Leistung (W) 120  
Eingangspannungsbereich (V) 90 to 305  
Maximaler Wirkungsgrad (%) 90.5  
Abmessungen (mm) 221 x 67.5 x 37