Series 942 Steuerungen für die Nutzung im industriellen Bereich - 942-M3A-2D-1G1-65E

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Hersteller Honeywell

Honeywell - Sensors

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The 942 separate series are industrial controls performing distance measurement by using an ultrasonic beam. They are the most versatile sensors of al the product range; they feature two analogue outputs (4 mA to 20 mA and 0 V to 10 V), Four switching outputs, parallel data outputs, and a serial link RS-232. The sensor head has no adjustment and may be mounted in the most remote or difficult places (top of tanks, inside of machinery, hot places.) The control box is mountable on DIN rail; it houses al the adjustments. Adjustment can be performed in a mater of seconds via the coding wheels and switches on the front panel of the control box. Advanced programming is done on a PC, connected with the RS-232 link. The software (under Microsoft Windows) provides a very easy man-machine interface with extended possibilities: Digital Signal Processing parameters, cycle time, slope, etc. 942-M3A kits includes control box, cable, connector and head; a programming kit including software and RS-232 cable may be purchased separately.

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    Four models with scan ranges from 0.9 m to 3.0 m [2.95 ft to 9.84 ft]
  • Stainless steel M30 heads, IP65
  • Plastic control box with screw terminals, IP 40
  • Synchronising/hold input: To avoid mutual interference from several sensors, they are very simply synchronised by connecting their synchronising/hold input (pin 4) together. If the measure needs to be stopped, connect the synchronising/hold input to the ground; the output stays stable.
  • Ultrasonic beam power (sensitivity) adjustable by switch
  • Four switching outputs, Open collector PNP: set points 1 and 2, adjustable by coded wheels ; Underange (target close), Overange (target far or absent).
  • NO/NC adjustable by switch
  • Two Analogue outputs (4 mA to 20 mA and 0 Vdc to 10 Vdc)
  • Temperature compensation
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Bereich 800 to 8000 mm  

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Ausgabetyp Analogue and Switching  
Versorgungsspannungsbereich 19 to 30 DC  
Gehäuse Separate head and control box  
Anschlusstyp Screw terminals  
Strahlwinkel 8°  
Schaltfrequenz 8 Hz  
Wiederholbarkeit ± 0.2 % ± 1 mm  
Versorgungsspannung (V) 19 to 30 DC  
Integrated Temperature Compensation Yes  
Betriebstemperaturbereich (°C) 0 to 50  
Digital Interface RS-232, 3 wire  
Current Consumption (mA) 50 maximum  
IP Rating IP40