2.5 psi (17 kPa), Relativdrucksensor, No Ports, 10V Konstantspannungsversorgung

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Hersteller GE Sensing

Amphenol Advanced Sensors

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NPI media isolated sensors are designed to operate in hostile environments and yet give the outstanding sensitivity linearity and hysteresis of a silicon sensor. The piezoresistive sensor chip is housed in a fluid-filled cylindrical cavity and isolated from measured media by a stainless steel diaphragm and body. The NPI Series employs SenStable processing technology providing excellent output stability. Available in either constant current or constant voltage version.

The modular design allows for a variety of pressure port modules which are hermetically welded to the sensor header module. There are other standard port styles available.

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  • Solid state, high reliability
  • 316L stainless steel, ISO sensor design
  • ±0.5% static accuracy
  • Temperature compensated 32°F to 158°F (0°C to 70°C)
  • 125 mV typical FSO on current version
  • 75 ±1 mV FSO on voltage version
  • Thermal errors less than 2% FSO
  • Two standard ranges: 0 to 2.5 psig (0 to 1 bar), 0 to 5 psig (0 to 17.24 bar)
  • Standard configurations include:
  • - 0.74 in (19 mm) diameter x 0.28 in (7.1 mm) long cylinder with o-ring seals
  • Custom configurations and other pressure ranges available.
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Druckbereich (psi) 2.5  

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Maximaldruck (x Nenndruck) 3X  
Eingangs Anregung (V) oder Versorgungsspannung (V) 10  
Betriebstemperaturbereich (°C) -10 to 80  
temperaturkompensiert Yes  
kompensierter Temperaturbereich (°C) 0 to 70