AO abstimmbare variable Bandbreitenfilter, 400-700 nm

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Hersteller Isomet


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The AOTF-VB range of acousto-optic tuneable filters, are designed for use with broadband light sources and analytical imaging systems. The transmission characteristic of these solid state filters is controlled by the applied RF drive signal. The RF frequency defines the tuned wavelength of the diffracted light, whereas the signal amplitude defines the diffracted light intensity. The filter bandwidth is independently selected by enabling one or more of the four filter transducer electrodes via a compatible multi-output RF driver/amplifier.

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  • Wavelength: 400 – 700nm
  • Interaction Material: Tellurium dioxide (Te02)
  • Aperture: 10.0mm x 10.0mm
  • Frequency: 50.5MHz, 66MHz, 71.5MHz, 78.5MHz
  • RF Drive Power: 1.0W nominal
  • Input polarization: Horizontal
  • Input Acceptance Cone angle: 5 .7°