Ti:Saphir-Laserkristalle, nichtlinear

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Ti:sapphire crystals have an absorption band in the green region. Radiation of around 500 nm is absorbed most effectively, however due to high availability and lower cost, green lasers (515 nm or 532 nm) are used to pump the medium. The crystal can be effectively pumped by short pulse flashlamps in laser systems of high pulse energy or by a DPSS laser - in tunable continuous wave lasers and high repetition rate oscillators.

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  • Broad lasing range: 660-1050 nm band
  • Aperture, dimensions: ø 6mm or 6x6mm
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Short upper-state lifetime (3.2 µs)
  • High saturation power
  • Relatively high laser cross-sections
  • High damage threshold
  • Strong Kerr effect
  • Benefits

  • Applications:
  • Ultra-short pulse lasers
  • High repetition rate oscillators
  • Chirped-pulse laser amplifiers
  • Multi-pass amplifiers
  • Wavelength tunable CW lasers
  • Pulsed X-ray generation

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