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About Tabor Electronics

Since the start in 1971, Tabor Electronics has become a world-leader in the test and measurement industry. The Company has earned global recognition for its highly skilled workforce and innovative engineering capabilities. The company's extensive product portfolio includes signal amplifiers, pulse, function and arbitrary waveform generators, waveform creation software and more, in various platforms, interfaces and frequency ranges. Technologically advanced, featuring the highest levels of performance, reliability, and most of all, price-competitiveness, they are sought-after in a diverse array of applications.

Proteus Series - Arbitrary Waveform Generation and optional Transceiver capability

Proteus provides both state of the art Arbitrary Waveform Generation and optional Arbitrary Waveform Transceiver capability. The system integrates the ability to transmit, receive and perform user-programmable FPGA based digital signal processing and decision making all in a single instrument. Proteus provides key capability for closed loop transceiver applications in aerospace, defense, telecommunications, automotive and physics applications.

Module Platform

The Proteus module takes full advantage of the PXI Express platform. Its core transmit, receive and FPGA processing are enhanced with the addition of high speed data transfer and industry leading channel density (up to 32 channels per 3U 19” chassis).

Desktop Platform

Provides up to 12 channels of capability, but without a touch screen, saving both space and cost. This compact desktop platform is controlled via an external PC and connectivity to the instrument is provided by 3 x USB HOST, 1 x 10Gbit LAN as standard or Thunderbolt 3, GPIB or 2 x 10Gbit Optical as options.

Benchtop Platform

The benchtop platform has all the same capability as the modular system, i.e., transmit, receive and user programmable FPGA, but adds a 9” touch screen and an on-board PC creating a fully standalone system. With a maximum channel count of 12 AWT’s it is a compact, self-contained unit, providing waveform creation and sequence programming on the bench.

Other products from the Tabor portfolio

  • Arbitrary Function Generators
  • Arbitrary Waveform Transceivers
  • Digital Signal Amplifiers
  • High Current Amplifiers
  • High Speed AWG’s
  • High Voltage Amplifiers
  • High-Frequency Amplifiers

  • Mixed Signal Word Generators
  • PCI & PXI Signal Amplifiers
  • PCI & PXI Waveform generators
  • Power Amplifiers
  • PRBS Generators
  • RF Signal Generators
  • Signal Amplifiers


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Lucid Series - RF Analog Signal generators

  • Portable, Desktop, Benchtop and Rack Mount versions
  • Upto 12GHz multi-channel RF analog signal generator
  • Extremely Fast Switching speed of <100us
  • Multi-channel phase coherent platform
  • Small form factor and space efficient platforms
  • AM, FM, PM, Sweep & Pulse Modulation
  • Exceptionally Low Phase Noise of -145dBc/Hz @100MHz and 10@kHz offset
  • Remotely programmable via MATLAB, Python, LabVIEW and other software programming environments.
  • USB and LAN interfaces
  • Removable SD card for instrument security

Modulation Schemes

Signal bursts and chirps have become a common need in the daily life of any aerospace or defense application. With Tabor's All-New Lucid Series, any pulse modulation is possible, no matter if its “narrow” or “standard” pulse need. On top of its outstanding pulse modulation performance, the Lucid Series is also equipped with many CW interferers, and modulated signals such as AM, FM, PM and Sweep.

Extremely Fast Switching

In today’s world, time is a crucial factor, whether in design, on the production floor or inside ATE systems. With a switching speed of less than 100s, Tabor’s All-New Lucid Series ensures maximum measurements at minimum time, setting the industry’s highest throughput standard.

Quick and smooth replacement for current and obsolete products

The Lucid Series implements command emulators for both new and discontinued Signal Generators sold on the market, providing smooth transition either to upgrade current solutions or replace all the aging automatic test systems that face obsolescence and maintenance problems. This unique feature allows clients to easily "drop-in" the Lucid Series in slots vacated by out-of-order Keysight, R&S, Anritsu, NI/Phase Matrix QuickSyn, Holzworth or AnaPico models, solving TPS programmers` replacement issues.

Multiple Ways to Control the Unit and Write Your Code

Tabor’s Lucid Series comes with its own dedicated software to control the instrument functions, modes and features via a graphical user interface (GUI) as well as a complete set of drivers, allowing you to write your application in various environments including Labview, Python, CVI, C++, VB and MATLab. You may also link the supplied dll to other Windows-based API’s or use low-level SCPI commands to program the instrument, regardless of whether your application is written for Windows, Linux or Macintosh operating systems.

Signal Integrity and Purity

One of the most important requirement in today’s testing and measurement applications is high signal quality. With a typical SSB phase noise of -145dBc at 100MHz, and -136dBc at 1GHz, at 10 kHz carrier offset, Tabor’s All-New Lucid Series platform delivers one of the best quality signals available on the market today, answering the ever-growing demand for clear and precise signals.

Multi-channel, phase coherent, generator

Many test systems and experimental setups require multiple RF channels, either separate or synchronized. The new Lucid series offers up to 16, separate or phase coherent, RF outputs in a single, 19” box, saving up to 16 times that space compared to available solutions on the market. Tabor’s all-new Lucid series saves both valuable bench or rack space and investment capital without compromising performance.


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Wave Design Studio - Waveform Creation Software

Wave Design Studio is the latest in instrument control and signal creation software. The intuitive graphical interface facilitates a quick and efficient working process. In addition to the standard waveform creation capability, WDS has a number of optional add-ons for RF, microwave, radar and general purpose applications.

Key features.

  • PC based software for instrument control and signal creation
  • Dedicated add-ons for radar applications, signal correction, digital modulation
  • Easy to use waveform creation tools for generating chirps, pulses and modulation
  • Powerful and intuitive graphical user interface, including preview of the generated scenario and simultaneous multi-channel and marker view.
  • Automatic detection of all connected instruments
  • Offline mode for creating waveform, scenarios and setups without a connected instrument.
  • Log file and SCPI command editor for code debugging.


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