Fibre-optic-cable assemblies for demanding applications

When you need optical fibre-based cable assemblies for demanding applications, Acal BFi, working with industry leader OFS, have the right answer for you.

The best solution for your application

With an intimate knowledge of fibre coatings and access to a wide range of specialist optical fibre cables for non-telecom, industrial, medical and defence applications, Acal BFi work with you to select the right fibre for your system, whether operating in single- or multi-mode. We also define the correct cable and connection system to meet the specific environmental operating conditions of your system. OFS has a full-service assembly house, based in the USA, which offers:

  • state-of-the-art facilities
  • low-bioburden room for medical grade assemblies
  • high volume connectorisation
  • manufacture of composite cables comprising optical fibre and copper wire
  • special end-shaping solutions, and
  • manufacture and source of any fibre connector type.

Your fibre-optic partner

Working with Acal BFi and OFS brings several benefits to your project.

  • Improved system performance – optical fibre cable assembly is optimised both mechanically and optically to your system needs.
  • Wide range of fibre types – to suit all non-telecom industrial, medical, aerospace and defence applications.
  • Wide range of connector systems available – from crimp-and-cleave, through industry standard connection systems, to fibre metalisation and ferrules.
  • Shorter development cycles – first article samples are generally available within four to six weeks.
  • Total cost of ownership reduced – cable is supplied complete, tested and ready to install.
  • State-of-the art logistics – including just-in-time, Kan-ban, ship-to-line and buffer-stocking to agreed levels support your inventory and cash-flow.
  • Delivery anywhere in the world – supporting delivery of cable assemblies directly to the required point of use.
  • Reliability – all designs are manufactured in USA by facilities accredited with ISO9001 and ISO13485.

A wide choice of cables

Our experience and supplier contacts in this field means we can offer you a wide choice of fibre cables, including

  • HCS® optical fibre and cable
  • Erbium-doped fibre
  • Polarisation-maintaining fibre
  • PYROCOAT® polyimide fibre
  • Carbon-coated fibre
  • HCXtreme fibre, and
  • Geosil fibre.

Working with Acal BFi gives you complete peace of mind, along with access to leading technology and manufacture, putting your project in safe hands.


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