Custom sensor housings to suit your environment

Acal BFi work with your engineers to understand what sensor element is required for your needs, design a suitable housing for the application, and adding the appropriate cable and connectors, providing you with a bespoke sensor probe that is ideally suited and ready to use in your environment.

Working with Acal BFi

Our sensor probe development team draws on our experience and expertise as a European leader in advanced technology solutions with more than 25 years' experience in designing custom sensor probes and assemblies for a diverse range of applications – from consumer coffee machines to high-performance jet fighters.


  • Shorter development cycles – first-article samples are generally available within a four-to-six week lead time.
  • Wide range of sensing elements – sourced from industry-leading partners.
  • Wide range of packaging – ensuring the most cost-effective probe design for the end environment, including precision-engineered metal housings, plastic housings, silicone/rubber tubes, and over-moulding.
  • Lower total cost of ownership – your probe is supplied complete, tested and ready to install in your system, reducing assembly time and stock-control problems.
  • State-of-the art logistics – including just-in-time, Kan-ban, ship-to-line and buffer-stocking to agreed levels to support your inventory and cash-flow.
  • Reliability – all designs are manufactured in facilities accredited with ISO9001:2008 and fully tested to pre-agreed parameters, giving you complete confidence.

Our proven track record

Acal BFi work with a number of blue-chip clients, including a leading manufacturer of rail rolling stock. Acal BFi worked with this client to identify a suitable single-axis accelerometer for use in a proprietary system used to detect bearing wear on the bogies. Three single-axis accelerometers were packaged in a custom-machined aluminium housing and connectorised to meet the requirements of such a mechanically and electrically harsh environment.

Our expertise means you can leave sensor-probe development in our hands, knowing you will get the best possible system for your needs.


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