Our authorised repair centre helps save you time and money

Repair centre in Germany

Our European repair centre has been established to provide a local, dedicated service to OEMs and military and commercial end users who buy cooled thermal-imaging equipment from Acal BFi. Located near Munich, the centre has been established in cooperation with General Dynamics – Global Imaging Technologies (GD-GIT), based in New Hampshire, USA, and is designed to offer our customers repair services that would normally require you to return your equipment to the USA.

Time-critical repairs by approved engineers

Traditionally, repairs to USA-manufactured products take place in the USA. By establishing an authorised European repair centre, we ensure the work is carried out by fully trained and qualified engineers, takes less time and is far less hassle for your business. We operate under a Technical Assistance Agreement (known as TAA) with GD-GIT which is approved and reviewed by the US government. This facility means we can handle your repairs within two to three weeks rather than the two to three months associated with sending equipment back to the USA.

Bringing down prices and increasing competitiveness

Removing one of the major barriers to buying US ITAR-approved thermal-imaging cameras, this centre allows us to recommend the best equipment to its customers and to offer quick and reliable repairs with the minimum disruption to your business or operations. Many other US vendors do not have European service capability, and we believe this fully-authorised repair centre provides an invaluable service to customers where reliability and Integrated Logistic Service (ILS) is vital to success.

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