Acal BFi electrostatic measurement device calibration and repair services

Acal BFi | Trek repair centreWhen measuring electrostatic energy, it is essential users have absolute confidence in devices and the results they provide. Devices need accurate calibration before their first use, with regular checks and adjustment throughout their operating life. If there is an issue, accident or breakage, it is important each device is examined and repaired by an experienced engineer.

Acal BFi, as TREK’s only authorised repair and calibration center in Europe, are experienced in the supply and service of complex measurement equipment, providing customers with a comprehensive and efficient calibration and repair service. This level of support ensures electrostatic energy measurements are consistent, accurate and true.

Device types calibrated and repaired:

  • High-voltage amplifiers
  • Charge plate monitors
  • Resistance meters
  • Electrostatic voltmeters


Acal BFi provide a precision calibration service for TREK’s market leading electrostatic measurement devices. We ensure that your products are ready to use and deliver repeatable, exact results in line with international standards and regulations.

We offer traceable manufacturer calibrations for TREK’s wide range of products, managed from our services center in Germany.

What we offer:

  • Only authorised TREK calibration center in Europe
  • Traceable manufacturer calibrations
  • Pre delivery testing
  • Flexible service options



Acal BFi offers a cost-effective solution for fixing or replacing faulty TREK equipment, with fast turnaround times and reliable results, from our European repair center.

Our specialist engineers assess, fix and service measurement equipment, rigorously testing each product to make sure they are out of use for the smallest time possible and that, when returned, they provide accurate, consistent results.

What we offer:

  • Only authorised TREK repair center in Europe
  • Able to fix all warranty repair issues
  • Fast turnaround time for significantly reduced down time
  • Flexible service options

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