Fully-custom power solutions

When an off-the-shelf solution doesn't exist, talk to Acal BFi about designing a fully-custom power solution.

Finding a power supply that meets your design requirements can be challenging, especially if the requirement is considered complex by mainstream power-supply vendors. Acal BFi have the experience necessary to design an AC/DC power solution to meet these non-standard applications.

The advantages of working with Acal BFi

  • Optimised to meet your requirements – ensures optimum performance and reliability of your system in the field.
  • Fully tested – all power supplies are fully tested to agreed specifications.
  • Standards compliance – all our power solutions are engineered to meet the required mechanical, electrical and safety standards and tested for pre-compliance in-house.
  • Total cost of ownership reduced – power supply is designed, tested and housed in accordance with your system requirements, ready to be installed.
  • State-of-the art logistics – including just-in-time, Kan-ban, ship-to-line and buffer stocking to agreed levels to support your inventory and cash-flow.
  • Quality – all designs are manufactured in facilities accredited to ISO9001.

Our areas of expertise

  • Extremely low output noise (0.5ppm) and ripple.
  • Low EMI – TEMPEST or better conducted and radiated emissions.
  • High voltage – voltages up to 100kV and power levels up to 30kW .
  • High pulse current – pulsed currents up to 12,000A at voltages of up to 20V with very low ripple.
  • High voltage or current stability – up to 0.5ppm/°C.
  • Ultra low noise current or voltage sources – low noise level up to 0.1ppm-rms.

For reliable, expert design advice and custom-build power supply service, talk to Acal BFi.

Watch our video on custom power supplies.


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