Expert engineering and design support

Acal BFi's experienced Technical Support team offer customers pre- and post-sales support for our embedded computing product range.

With an excellent understanding of the design requirements for embedded computing solutions in demanding applications and environments, we can help you design and build optimum systems that deliver the results you need. Our team has many years' experience working with companies in industries as diverse as defence, geophysical, medical and telecommunications.

Gain a competitive edge with inside knowledge

Today's projects need to stick to tight deadlines and budgets. Taking advantage of the Acal BFi design service allows you to ensure you get it right first time and with an eye to protecting the lifespan of your product for the future.

  • Access to supplier roadmaps – helps to ensure best product lifetime without the need for redesigns.
  • Broad range of options – select the most suitable product from our broad range of suppliers.
  • Lifecycle management – migration support to new platforms which extend product lifetime.

During your design phase our experienced engineering team draws from its wide supplier and technology portfolio to recommend the most suitable and innovative solutions for your applications, be they individual boards or complete platforms, off-the-shelf or custom.

We have the capability to create and manufacture sub-assemblies and complete platforms and offer a range of functional and regulatory testing, helping to minimise your inventory, integration and production costs.

How we can help

A start-up company approached us looking for a COM for a telecoms application. Due to the life-time requirement of the product, we advised the customer to use a COM that was on our supplier's roadmap but not yet released. We managed to obtain an early access version of the module for our customer so that the business could start development and gain a competitive edge.

Our support does not end with the conclusion of the design phase. During the life of a customer's products and programmes we offer technical support, lifecycle management, maintenance, and repair management services to ease deployment and minimise your through-life costs.

For more information on assembly and integration services, please get in touch.


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