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Product changes and obsolescence are a major consideration when developing an embedded computer solution that has a projected lifecycle longer than those associated with commercial computers. The costs of obsolescence are compounded by the demands of maintaining compatibility with specific software revisions and ensuring regulatory compliance.

At Acal BFi we understand both the typical impacts of obsolescence across all industries and the unique requirements of specific industries, including medical, military and aerospace.

Lifecycle management

Acal BFi help optimise the life time of your design with a set of solutions that are tailored to fit your application's product lifecycle.

  • Design phase – our close relationship with our suppliers allows us to advise you where a particular product is on its lifecycle. Our suppliers select chipsets with lifecycles and features optimised for embedded applications rather than commercial ones, allowing you to select products which minimise redesign costs
  • Production phase – during the life of a product inevitably some of its components will need updating. Acal BFi partner with suppliers who give advanced notice of these changes wherever possible. Our Technical Services team monitor this and notify you, allowing you to avoid unplanned downtime. Our Customer Services and Technical team offer a repair service to both identify failures of product and to expedite repairs
  • End-of-life phase – all products will go out of mainstream production at some point. Acal BFi's suppliers provide end-of-life (EoL) notices to warn us about this. We distribute EoLs to you and offer a number of options to help you manage these issues with minimum impact on your business. These options include supporting migration to a newer or alternative version of the product, offering last time buy options, and partnering with a niche 'sunset supplier' who continues to manufacture the product, under licence, once the original manufacturer has ceased production.

Customers trust our lifecycle management

Acal BFi have supplied a control computer assembly to a medical systems customer for around 15 years. The assembly comprises a Freescale SBC with a variety of I/O interfaces running a specific revision of an RTOS. During the life of the product we have supported migration of the design through two generations of boards by:

  • supplying EoL notices to give the customer redesign time
  • supplying evaluation boards to help design change
  • ensuring product supply is maintained during migration, and
  • redesigning the computer housing to manage design changes.

Our services are tailored, reliable and always result in feasible solutions that help you to keep your project running.

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