Do you need custom transformers?

Acal BFi can design custom transformers at any stage in your project – from design to production.

For complex transformer requirements, Acal BFi offer a complete customisation service, from the choice of soft magnetic cores to the design of finished components. As Europe's largest distributor of soft magnetic core, we have direct access to all known materials and core shapes. Working with world-class manufacturers, we are up to date with the latest technical and application developments, and we can pass that expertise on to you. Our custom products include:

  • flyback transformers
  • push-pull/forward transformers
  • signal/drive transformers, and
  • current transformers.

Experienced design engineers

We have been helping customers with bespoke transformer supply for over 25 years and our design engineers have extensive experience in this area. Supported by our Technical Sales team, we are the perfect partner for your project. We have worked across a range of sectors, including:

  • renewable energy
  • industrial welding
  • electrical drive engineering
  • automotive applications
  • rail
  • medical equipment, and
  • aerospace.

Working with Acal BFi

Where your project requires a custom-designed device, Acal BFi are the ideal partner. As well as advising on the best solution for your requirements, we can provide complete engineering support during your design phase, provide in-house sample products and production service and handle your long-term logistics to ensure your custom transformers are available when you need them.

Watch our video on custom power supplies.


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