0,5 W Kostengünstige PHEMT GaAs Leistungs-Feldeffekttransistoren

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Hersteller Transcom


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The TC2471 is packaged with the TC1401 Pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor (PHEMT) chip. The Cu-based ceramic package provides excellent thermal conductivity for the GaAs FET. All devices are 100% DC tested to assure consistent quality. Typical applications include high dynamic range power amplifiers for commercial and military high performance power applications.

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  • 0.5 W Typical Output Power at 6 GHz
  • 14 dB Typical Linear Power Gain at 6 GHz
  • High Linearity: IP3 = 37 dBm Typical at 6 GHz
  • High Power Added Efficiency: Nominal PAE of 40 % at 6 GHz
  • Suitable for High Reliability Application
  • Breakdown Voltage: BVDGO ≥ 15 V
  • Lg = 0.35 µm, Wg = 1.2 mm
  • Tight Vp ranges control
  • High RF input power handling capability
  • 100 % DC Tested
  • Low Cost Ceramic Package