Customised laser systems
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Find out how Acal BFi can help you source a laser system that meets your needs.

Acal BFi draw on over 45 years of internal and external experience in the supply and use of complex laser systems to offer you a customised service that allows you to tailor your design to meet your requirements exactly.

Adding our expertise

Acal BFi work with your scientists and end engineers to understand your laser system requirements, using our experience of laser systems for research and small scale production applications. This results in the customisation of all parameters to provide you with a laser system that is uniquely optimised for your application, and completely ready to install and use.

The benefits of custom laser systems

Working with Acal BFi to produce a custom laser system brings a number of tangible benefits to your business, including:

  • understanding your system needs – with many years of experience in this area of research and development, we are ideally placed to help you get the best results
  • knowledge of laser technologies – keeping up to date with the latest in laser research allows us to give you the best possible advice, and
  • engineering support – our well-trained, competent and experienced staff work with you from start to finish, ensuring the highest service levels.

Acal BFi customers benefit from our unique relationship with Ekspla, a company that designs and builds laser sources for scientific and industry applications. Combining Ekspla's knowledge and facilities with our own in-house expertise developed over 30 years, means we listen to your needs and have the flexibility to design and develop a product that meets them exactly.

Custom design in practice

Acal BFi have worked with one of the UK's leading research universities to design and build a continuously tuneable laser to provide significant energy in the mid infra-red band – a part of the spectrum where it is generally difficult to obtain consistent performance. Following a discussion with the scientists, we discovered we could use a standard solution but apply an innovative technique to allow the IR line to be improved by an order of magnitude in power – a solution that can be applied in many situations.

Use our expertise to help your business

Acal BFi have the experience, expertise, contacts and ability to help you build a custom laser solution. Tell us the wavelength, laser power, pulse width, beam quality, footprint and application and we can begin to help you find the perfect solution.


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