pE-2 4-Wege LED Fluoreszenzanregung

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Hersteller COOLLED


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The pE-2 LED excitation system is designed for use on all current epi-fluorescent microscopes. It provides stable, controllable and intense light. The Main Unit can drive up to 4 LED wavelengths. It is a modular product which uses LAMs (LED Array Modules) selected from our wide range of LED wavelengths. These LAMs can be interchanged by the user so that different wavelengths can be excited depending on the application.

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  • Modular system which drives up to 4 wavelengths
  • Switch on and off instantly
  • Adjust light intensity in 1% steps (0-100%)
  • Stable, repeatable light intensity
  • LEDs last for tens of thousands of hours
  • Wide range of LED wavelengths available
  • Integrated with many imaging software packages
  • Quiet and cool operation
  • pE-2 collimator with exchangeable dichroic mirror for full flexibility
  • Accepts excitation filters for fast-switching applications