Mesa Beam-Lead-PIN-Diode

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Hersteller Skyworks


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Skyworks Silicon Mesa Beam-Lead PIN diode is surrounded by a glass frame for superior strength and electrical performance that surpasses the standard beam-lead PINs. The DSM8100-000 is designed for low resistance, low capacitance and fast switching time. The oxide-nitride passivation layers provide reliable operation and stable junction parameters that provide complete sealing of the junction permitting use in assemblies with some degree of moisture sealing. A layer of glass provides increased mechanical strength.

The DSM8100 is designed for microstrip or stripline circuits and for circuits requiring high isolation from a series-mounted diode such as broadband multithrow switches, phase shifters, limiters, attenuators and modulators.

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    • Low capacitance
    • Low resistance
    • Fast switching
    • Oxide-nitride passivated
    • Durable construction
    • Lead (Pb)-free, RoHS-compliant, and Green™

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Min VB @ spec (V) 60  
Max CT @spec (pF) 0.025  
RS Maximum @ spec (Ω) 3.5  
Typ. Carrier Lifetime@spec (ns) 25  
Gehäuse Beam Lead